Add your Home to “Hive home”

The first step when using the Hive home solution is to add your home or property, its a simple step to get started.

  • In Hive Home, select the menu button and select Homes.
  • Select the “+” add option in the top right corner
  • Fill in as many details as you can as shown in Fig.1 below
  • To provide a photo, select the camera button in the top right corner.
    • From the media selection buttons select either the Camera Icon or the Gallery icon depending on wether you want to take a new picture or select one that is already present in your photos library.
    • Take or select your picture.
      • Note: Initially it will not display but go ahead and save your home record and when you come back it will be there. We are working on changing this.

Fig. 2
Fig.1 Home Screen